Banfax Pest Control
17455 Haskins Rd, Bowling Green OH 43402


Kid Holding Hornet's Nest — Pest Control in Bowling Green, OH
Banfax Pest Control was founded by entrepreneur Vince Messenger in 1974 as an add-on business along with a landscape firm, office cleaning, fire extinguisher sales and service companies. He involved his five boys in the family businesses. Today his son Jeffrey Messenger is the sole owner of Banfax Pest Control and Knickerbocker Fire Guard.
As licensed members of the Toledo Pest Control Association and the National Pest Management Association, we are qualified and knowledgeable about modern pest control and removal techniques. We can accurately identify the pests that you have in your home or commercial space and where they may be getting in, and then we can take steps to remove them and prevent their re-entry.

At Banfax, we use products in accordance with rules and best practices as established by the Ohio Department of Agriculture. Our professional approach and respect for safe practices for pest removal allows us to offer the quality customer service that you expect.

We enjoy taking our time to make sure that your needs are met and that you learn as much as possible from the experience. As a person with an Education Degree from Bowling Green State University, I encourage your questions and will address your concerns. Customer safety is our first priority.